Our Live Project

Our Institution will give Professional Training in Live Project Work(PHP/ASP.NET/JAVA) with following Project Based Software Program:

1. Software Technology Projects

  1. Online Job Portal
  2. E- Payment System
  3. E-Shopping Cart
  4. Employee Record Management System
  5. Banking & financial Solutions
  6. Management Information Systems
  7. File Search Tool
  8. On Line Chat Room
  9. Library Management System
  10. News Master
  11. Stock Inventory Management System
  12. Health Care System
  13. Vehicle Servicing Management System
  14. College or University Search Engine
  15. Web Based Travel Management Software
  16. Hotel Management System
  17. Purchase and Stock Management Software
  18. Online School Automation Systems
  19. Online College Automation Systems
  20. Online Training Management System
  21. Online Payroll Management System
  22. Online Attendance Management
  23. Departmental Store Management
  24. Sales Management Systems

2. Networking Projects

  1. Managing & Maintenance of LAN/ WAN Network
  2. On- Line Mail Server
  3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  4. Remote Access Services (RAS)

Course Outline

In Week Days

Course Duration: 2 months
Schedule: 2 Hours/5 days a week

In Week Ends

Course Duration: 3 months
Schedule: 4 Hours/2 days a week



S.C.F. 13, 3rd Floor, G.T.B. Market, Khanna(141401),Pb.

Ph.01628-506103(Office.)(Mob.)99141-16786, 99148-21188