Advanced Java Course

Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language with a built-in application programming interface(API) that can handle graphics and user interfaces and that can be used to create applications or applets. Because of its rich set of API's similiar to Macintosh and Windows, and its platform independence , Java can also be thought of as a platform in itself.

Our Institution will give Professional Training in Advanced Java with following Course Structure:

1. Applet Programming

  1. Applet Fundamentals
  2. Passing Parameters to Applets
  3. Finding an Applet Size
  4. Applet Security
  5. Applet Layout Managers
  6. Painting on the Applet

2. AWT Programming

  1. Introduction To AWT
  2. AWT Controls

3. Swing Programming

  1. Swing Programming Basics
  2. Swing Components
  3. Difference between Java Swings Framework and AWT

4. Database Application in Java

  1. Introduction to SQL Database and Java Connectivity
  2. Introduction to Java Database Connectivity(JDBC) in Java Programming
  3. Application of JDBC in Java Programming

5. JDBC Database Connectivity

  1. RDBS Concept in Java
  2. MySQL Database Connectivity in Java
  3. JDBC/ODBC Bridge in Java
  4. Database Connectivity Using DSN in Java

6.Java Servlet in Java Development

  1. Server side technologies in java development
  2. Servlet Life cycle
  3. Http & generic servlet
  4. Using JDBC in servlet

7. Advance Event Handling

  1. Semantic Events
  2. Low Level Events

8. Advance File Handling concepts

  1. The File Class
  2. FileNameFilter Interface
  3. FileInputStream and FileOutputStream
  4. FileReader and FileWriter
  5. BufferedInputStream and BufferedOutputStream
  6. FilterInputStream and FilterOutputStream
  7. LineNumberReader Versus LineNumberInputStream
  8. PrintStream Versus PrintWriter

9. RMI(Remote Method Invocation)

  1. RMI Overview
  2. RMI Architecture
  3. Example Demonstrating RMI

10. IDE (Integrated Development Environment) used with java development

  1. Edit Plus
  2. Text Pad
  3. Eclipse advance ide with java
  4. Java Beans ide

Course Outline

In Week Days

Course Duration: 2 months
Schedule: 2 Hours/5 days a week

In Week Ends

Course Duration: 3 months
Schedule: 4 Hours/2 days a week



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